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Portsmouth Grammar School

Leonardo Da Vinci Prize, 8 GCSEs

6th form 4 A Levels Maths, Physics, Geometry, Art

    Liverpool University

    BA (2:1) Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture (1st)

    International Scholarship

Chartered Member Royal Institute of British Architects

Advanced q for Gods - First Derivatives

Reuters Foundation API Certified (C++)

    UC Berkeley/University of Oregon

   36 Credits Archt. Parametric Design Theory

  SC Cleared 2017 (MOD)


Coder, architect, quant/data analyst and product owner.  Focused 100% on hands-on delivery for innovative SPA solutions for the API Economy. Capable of dealing with ambiguity and high-stress environments and communicating with technical and non-technical (C-level, Board) teams. Shaun has a player-coach mindset. Skills include iAAS, react-native, ansible/kubernetes/splunk/,  Angular CLI/6.0, Node, kdb/q/python, financial cryptography, R/MATLAB, binary messaging, blockchain, streambase (CEP), webpack, jest/jasmine/karma and kubernetes/docker on serverless (cloud agnostic/swarm) infrastructure for Node, PHP, .NET Core 2 and Perl 5/6

Working global firms, banks and also start-ups/SMEs. Offering hands-on coding for advanced software change - including development, business transformation and compliance. Shaun is striving to support companies change towards aligned practices for greater revenue in fast-moving, highly competitive and pressured markets. Applications include real-time micro-services, complex event programming, algorithmic and data analytics engines and new data modelling. Proven ability to quickly learn and acquire top business knowledge, delivering to strict commercial timelines. Appreciating business from the sell-side and buy-side. Able to pro-actively engage and ensure alignment of technical, product and business strategies for best in class firms. Experienced in working to tight deadlines in highly pressured, changing environments. SC Cleared.


July 2018 – Present. born Virtusa Inc, London/Edinburgh

Virtusa are a medium-sized integrator based in USA operating globally

This contract is the largest digital transformation project of Shaun’s career. He is leading as a hands-on, full-stack engineer and product owner.   £3.5B, based in Edinburgh/London, the project has the objective to change Lloyds Banking Group and move them to 21st century working cultures and processes. Jenkins, Docker, UrbanCode pipe-line factory for API and front-end deployments using Swagger and Cucumber for full-stack BDD products. Front-end reactJS/Redux.  Possible Cassandra and/or MongoDB roll-out when the project moves forward


December 2017 – May 2018. born Corporate Travel Management, Brisbane

CTM is a large, global, award-winning provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions to the corporate market.

For this contract, Shaun successfully architected, coded, tested and managed the release of the new online tools for CTM’s EMEA market, encompassing real-time access to many API’s concurrently via node cep, perl/C/C#. Shaun learned the business quickly and managed APIs for global travel products including UK rail, global - flights, hotel bookings and car hire. He chose Angular & React Native front-ends (web & mobile), managed the back-end data science, handled legacy apache/perl API processes, coded everything using pure typescript (data-modelling and definition), introduced page object automated test design patterns, capitalised on Angular 6.0.5/CLI: 1.6.4 for separation of concerns, tested and built with jest, webpack & jasmine/karma. He created containers using docker/Kubernetes to deploy on a serverless infrastructure. Shaun was the main coder, leader and he supported innovation, change and improved process efficiency across the firm. He was was also technical lead with IATA for regionalised roll-out of NDC direct airline access using Node globally


June 2017 – November 2017 born Blockchain/Geo Start-up, London

Aimed to raise $5M for development of crypto-currency. Shaun designed, coded and pioneered new geo-location parameters for a crypto currency off-chain to improve security, remove anonymity of keys and breakdown ICO process (off-chain) front end entirely Angular 2 for web and React Native mobile. Carried out in-depth investigation of Bitcoin, Waves, Ethereum and Mirocana. Implemented smart contracts using Truffle and in-house design for encrypted IAM


January 2017 – May 2017 born RMG/Lockheed Martin, Havant

Bethesda defence contracting giant Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) secured a long-term contract with a potential value of $215 million to deliver next-generation package processing systems to the U.S. Postal Service and are supplier of technology to Royal Mail Group in the UK. Shaun provided consultancy on process and contract management, REST APIs and SDKs for next gen rollout for ‘innovation and front-end culture’. Code in Angular 2 Web and React Native Mobile for complete overhaul of brand presentation. Advised board on re-aligning business, technology and operations across franchise towards a new digital strategy. Reviewed message queue technologies of Tibco, Kafka and RabbitMQ. Designed new TOM and Business Process Re-engineering for developers. Drove the integration of systems of the franchise across private itsm and govt. supplier. Successfully provided coding, technical and business analysis of reliance on large vendor platform. Business architecture review of new world business drivers on mail and parcels sector. Value stream mapping and capability modelling of 1.5B items annually


November 2013 – January 2017 Front Office Global Strategic Architecture - Credit Suisse, Canary Wharf

Credit Suisse is a leading global financial services company, providing businesses, institutional and high-net-worth private clients with advisory services worldwide, comprehensive solutions and excellent products. Operating as an integrated bank, with two global divisions: Private Banking & Wealth Management and IB. Shaun was technical lead for cross-asset front-office architecture for trade-capture, binary messaging and IAM roll-out from Switzerland using Typescript and Node interfacing archt. with 250 front office applications for order, trade and quoting through all trading venues Worldwide. Ran POC for shared ledger trade capture, messaging and IAM RT encryption.


August 2013 – November 2013 Born via Front Office - Hypoveriensbank (HVB), London Wall

HypoVereinsbank is one of the largest private banks in Germany with almost 19,000 employees and 780 branches. The Corporate & IB business segment is responsible for investment banking for select multinational corporations as well as larger companies engaged in capital market activities. This segment also covers markets, financing & advisory, operations with financial service providers and private equity funds as well as global transaction banking. Shaun coded against several real-time APIs re-writing derivative pricing and messaging algorithms using .NET Core and C++


January 2012 – August 2013 Churchwood Finance, Stockport, Manchester

Churchwood Finance was a medium sized finance company with 290 staff managing over £1 billion of debt, a company who had the expertise and relationships with creditors and lenders for the purposes of consumer debt management. The company was a fast moving, dynamic environment demanding ability to distil requirements and rapidly provide new functionality. Shaun was leader of 25 staff, 4 specialist teams across all online (multi-channel) offerings including mobile, chat-bot, real-time web comparison, ping tree loans and fast PPI SMS CTI integration to dynamically routed call centres. Shaun developed all tech. for profitability >15% EBITDA


October 2010 – December 2011 BAML, St Pauls, London

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the largest brokerage in the world, with more than 15,000 Financial Advisors and approximately $2.2 trillion in client assets. Worked in FX and Equities asset classes front-office. Hands on lead of 7 KDB/CEP techs for trading, quoting and ordering across 300 capital market venues


June 2009 – October 2010 Barclays Capital – Equities IT, Canary Wharf, London

The team has responsibility for Equity IT services including execution monitoring, algorithms, P&L, VAR and analytics. Many of these applications are Lehman Brothers systems which we have built-out in London and Singapore for Barclays Capital since the acquisition. The back-end environment is a global KDB+ platform serving internal developers, traders and quants. Externally these tools are Barclays Capital Live, its web-based client portal. Barclays Capital Live provides clients access to research, indices, pricing analytics, reporting tools and electronic trading through BARX


December 2006 – June 2009 HSBC Equity Derivatives (Crédit Commercial de France) – Paris

Shaun's final role was senior BA and Shaun designed a working solution for a Sophis balance sheet migration impacting upstream and downstream systems including Ops, MO and dealing desks. This involved balancing P&L, VAR and the explanation of sensitivities for the Equities business desk by desk, book by book. Functionally Shaun reported to the Head of Sophis Development for this project. Previously he managed the design of Sophis Risque applications using C++/C#/VBA linking to other main systems in HSBC including MDS, Excel and Horizon

Shaun's dealing desk applications were pre-trade, analytical and algorithm based calculating P&L, VAR and sensitivities. Pricing and trading used a computing grid and a KDB tick database for all Equity Derivatives (some hybrids) and Equity Finance, the applications linked to trade booking, trade execution and market data suppliers via TIBCO RV. Reporting to the head of Structured Derivatives trading working on quantitative pricing models and profitable trading strategies using KDB and Oracle


September 2005 – December 2006 Santander Global Markets, Credit derivatives dealing desk and market risk – London

Shaun was appointed developer and support analyst for the Credit Derivatives team working directly for the head of the Credit/FI and Equities desks on front office applications. He worked on the introduction of new structured credit products in Summit and Sophis Risque, overlapping with equity hybrid products. Within the bank the work bridges FO and MO developing a number of VAR models and the P&L attribution for complex structured products

The technolgy base was C#/C++ ntier systems using ORBIX middle ware. Shaun was also responsible for the technology used for the group’s P&L account submissions to Madrid each month covering Cater Allen, ANTS Santander Retail (UK) working for heads of product control, market risk and finance. Developing in C++ and C#


January 2003 – Sep 2005 Richardson Capital - Monoco

Reporting directly to private investors with an independent fund. Shaun's solution was driven by high absolute returns achieved from fast-moving/margin sensitive price data in FX. He designed and built a proprietary trading system which included an API port from Java to C#. He finalized the system with no database keeping all data persistent which were populated at session commencement. The communication session coincided with the trading sessions. He concentrated on Excel VBA with a JAVA distributed application and .NET framework to produce this trading environment. Limiting the GUI to VBA and Excel rather than WinForms allowed rapid, enhanced functionality at the desktop.

Auto trades in FX are generated automatically from Excel/JAVA server side implementation using large RAM, auto trading signals from JAVA algorithm or manually from a GUI; He has also developed automatic features recording price movements over time, signalling key market reversals. This is Shaun's first implementation of Excel as a 2003 ‘server client’. The Excel system monitors relevant global data at sub-second and 4hr intervals, a JAVA algorithm produces trading signals based on trading criteria. The client system functionality included MonteCarlo, VAR, curves and derivative pricing modules for FI/FX. State of the art risk measures included outlier analysis over time and random compliance


September 2002 – January 2003 Network Computing Devices Inc - Mountain View, California

Shaun's application was the finalist and runner-up in the international Computer Industry Awards 2003 for most innovative desktop product. He reported to the CTO and then the CEO

He carried out analysis, design and development services, specifically MS SQL/Oracle, C#/Excel and VB 6.0 front end, creating an n-tier application for desk top trading system. Shaun moved the application from COM to COM+ and from SOAP/XML to .NET underlying framework. He managed a team and lead with the development of C# prototypes for all the class files and core application + learnt ASP.NET


April 2000 – August 2002 UBS Warburg – Zurich, Switzerland

As the developer of an n-tier application using MSIE/EXCEL front end Oracle 8i back end, he used IBM MQ Series and also SWIFT XML for trades with London. Web based application for intrinsic option distribution, exercise and cash settlement. Shaun devised complex taxation and derivative algorithms for servicing 160 countries, Database design, including performance tuning and testing. Application development using C++, Perl, VBA, learnt and cross-trained to C# to provide n-tier trading application for individuals to exercise option trades over via the web to Zurich and then to London and the US

Middleware development using MQ Series and SOAP SWIFT XML for STP. Building components that provide reliable integration between web applications and back-office systems, with an emphasis on robust architecture. Database development, using recognised methodologies to analyse requirements and produce designs, and physical implementation.


September 1998 – March 2000 Softbank (1z1) – London & Manhattan

He lead the development of the first online risk analysis and advanced equity portfolio management system including account aggregation with online brokers, data feed integration and real VAR online using ASP from Sybase. System generated binary graphic files showing NAV and VAR simultaneously to ‘real’ time. Carried out analysis, design and development, specifically Sybase on Linux C++ server with mod_perl and ASP Win32 front end for advanced online risk management system. Equity trading via SWIFT/STP using Spear & Kellog system in Manhattan. The system included a covariance matrix of approximately 7,000 equities across several exchanges which re-calculated every 15 minutes

Shaun designed this pioneering system and managed the team for providing online real-time VAR, CAPM and APT risk modelling. He worked closely with Beta Plus and Lehman quants in London on world’s first online equity portfolio optimisation. Shaun carried out technical presentations for boards and design for rollout of accounts system across sites